Propeller Boat Shafts Supplied by Bracewell are Marine Grade, Pitting, Rust and Deterioration resistant

Over the years there has been advancements made in steel materials used for propeller shafts. Long gone are the days of using carbon steel shafts in a fully grease enclosed tube, stainless steel is by far the most commonly used material in the industry.

But which one is best for your boat?

Bracewell Marine Group are expert boat shaft specialists, with the ability to offer long shafting lengths. We have a proven ability to source and supply boat shafts in specific grades. At Bracewell Marine Group, we encourage the use of marine grade metals that improve resistance to pitting, rusting and deterioration from exposure to the harsh conditions of the salty Pacific Ocean, although we can source your propeller shafting in any material to match your boats specific requirements.

Boat Shaft Grades available at BMG include:

  • Aqualoy 17,
  • Aqualoy 19, 
  • Aqualoy 22,
  • 316L Stainless Steel

With the capability to provide long length shafts, large diameter, various finishes and conditions, BMG is able to provide a personalised package for your requirements.

At BMG you will find a ready supply available at all times, of a large stock of round bar ready to service break downs or new builds. The shafts can be boxed for interstate or international export and come fitted with nuts and keys. If you have any questions regarding the prop shaft in your boat, or if building a new boat, contact us for an free, no obligation quote.

To complement the marine propeller shaft supply offered at Bracewell, we also install, in house, our own bronze wear sleeves to match the shaft diameter and cutlass (sleeve) bearing sizes. The shafts are tapered fit with keyways, fitted to the highest standard. Including prop fitting, coupling fitting and able to install and convert to dripless stuffing box.


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